School Supplies

Approved School Supply List -- Fall 2020


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Back-to-School Supply Kits 

Save time, money, and sanity! 
Order your student's Fall 2020 school supply kit ONLINE
Free delivery directly to JVE before school starts in August
Pay with Visa or MC debit/credit card ~ No fees or taxes

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Why order a school supply kit? 

Convenience and safety. Using a phone or computer from the comfort of your home, complete your back-to-school shopping for one or more students in minutes!  

- The kit contains the specific items requested by your student's teacher on the official school supply list. Your kit will contain quality supplies from reputable brands. 

- The kit is affordably priced, especially when you factor in cost savings for time and travel (kit prices vary by grade level).

- The website offers optional items for purchase which are not on the school supply list, but students often need, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, Thermos containers, extra headphones, and more.